“Human beings don’t work like this in China.  Time goes slower there.  Here we have to hurry, feed the hungry children before we’re too old to work.  I feel like a mother cat hunting for its kittens.  She has to find them fast because in a few hours she will forget how to count or that she had any kittens at all.  I can’t sleep in this country because it doesn’t shut down for the night.  Factories, canneries, restaurants-always somebody somewhere working through the night.  It never gets done all at once here.  Time was different in China.  One year lasted as long as my total time here; one evening so long, you could visit your women friends, drink tea, and play cards at each house, and it would still be twilight.  It even got boring, nothing to do but fan ourselves.  Here midnight comes and the floor’s not swept, the ironing’s not ready, the money’s not made.  I would still be young if we lived in China.”
– The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, by Maxine Hong Kingston


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