The world ended in May. I was born in May. I died in May. We started the journey of ugliness on May 29th. We headed for Auschwitz. We arrived on May 31st.
The scent of spring wasn’t delicious. The earth didn’t smile. It shrieked in pain. The air was filled with the stench of death. Unnatural death. The smoke was thick. The sun couldn’t crack through. The scent was the smell of burning flesh. The burning flesh was your mother.
I am condemned to walk the earth for all my days with the stench of burning flesh in my nostrils. My nostrils are damned. May is damned. May should be abolished. May hurts. There should be only eleven months in a year. May should be set aside for tears. For six million years, to cleanse the earth.”

Isabella Leitner, a survivor of Auschwitz where her mother and youngest sister were murdered immediately on their arrival; May 31,1944.


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