Has anyone looked at the want ads in the paper lately? Yesterday’s job section was a total of four pages which are mostly large advertisements trying to recruit companies to list job openings.  The first two pages are for accountants, nurses and other medical staff and the last page is all drivers.  Everything in between is slim-pickings.  Aside from the newspaper, the government websites and museum websites are bare.  Listings on Craigslist, Careerseekers, etc. are mostly scams.  Meantime, I just received an update from the New York Times with the headline “It’s Official: U.S. Economy in Recession”.  Really?


One thought on “Difficult.

  1. Gotta love those wonderful progressive MBA’s and their backwards approach to analysis!! Really?!?!? The government has ponied up $750 billion in our taxpayer money to bail out the financial institutions who made billions of dollars on bad trades and investments and you are now going to tell us that based on your figures it is now official that we are in a recession!?!?!? What, so that you can the make the market drop even lower!?!? Really!!! You guys are sooooo smart!

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