white bean mashers (cooking project – day 2)



The cook's juice

Tonight’s dish was “white bean mashers with sauteed vegetables” from 1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes (I’ll be using this cookbook a lot this month).  I like these recipes because they’re easy to follow, they usually don’t take very long to cook, and ingredient lists contain things I’ve actually heard of. 

The ‘masher’ part was basically mashed potatoes with garlic and white northern beans mixed with them.  I don’t usually eat mashed potatoes without some kind of gravy on them, so the beans and the garlic added some nice extra flavor.  However, I think the recipe could’ve called for a little more milk as the beans made the potato mixture a little gritty and dry. 

The recipe called for broccoli, green onions and mushrooms for the sauteed veggies. Since mushrooms aren’t allowed in our house I had to go without those, but the broccoli and onion mixed with the ‘masher’ was a pretty good combo regardless.

I’m using my husband’s facial reaction as my grading system.  Since he neither cringed or became overjoyed, I ‘d say the dinner got a “B”.  With a couple tweaks, the mashers and veggies grouped together would make an excellent side-dish for fish or chicken.

Tomorrow: creamy fettuccine primavera  (1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes)


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