fettuccine primavera (cooking project – day 3)


Today’s recipe was “creamy fettuccine primavera” from 1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes.   I’m loving this cookbook because of how easy it is to follow.  I read some reviews complaining about the book’s lack of pictures, but what good are pictures if they don’t tell you how to make the food that way?  I’m personally happy that the author took up more space on the page to explain the recipes in detail rather than dress it up.

First of all, I’d like to give a special thanks to my husband, aka my personal veggie chopper.  I’ve been known to be a little “knife challenged” (and  “aluminum foil challenged”, “can-opener challenged”, “toaster-oven challenged”, etc.) so he helps me out a lot with the prep work.

I feel like the more pots you use the more complicated fancy a recipe is. This was the first three-pot meal of the week: one for the noodles, one for the sauce and one for the veggies.  The noodles are a no-brainer (although I still haven‘t mastered how to keep some of the fettuccine noodles from being harder than others), and the veggies are simple also. The sauce isn’t difficult but it takes a little finessing to get the consistency right.  I’ve never made a pasta sauce with cream cheese before but it actually worked really well.  And we diced up some fresh tomatoes and put those on top. That brought it to a whole…’nother…level.

After the hubby’s first bite he made a slight, surprised “mmm” sound and kind of perked his eyebrows up a bit. Then he said “It’s good'” and proceeded todevour the entire plate.  Personally, I thought the cream cheese sauce had a slightly odd aftertaste. Based on my assessment along with his reaction, the recipe gets a B+.

Tomorrow: Serbian leek cakes (1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes)


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