pita pizza (cooking project – day 5)


I was supposed to make pastichio tonight but when my better half offered to make dinner I didn’t resist. (Momma didn’t raise no fool!!)  Because of his restricted diet, my husband eats basically the same thing for lunch every day: pita and veggies.  This afternoon, in an attempt to make it a little bit different,  he experimented a little with his veggies, some cheese, the pita and the company toaster oven. This resulted in a marvelous invention called the ‘Pita Pizza’.  He was so excited about his new concoction that he wanted to make it again for dinner (we’re easily entertained).

The pita pizza is remarkably simple and doesn’t require a lot of prep work – which means less dishes to clean up.  We made our own tomato sauce from some tomato paste, water, oil, fresh basil and other herbs, but you could probably just use canned.  Then you spread a layer of sauce over a round piece of pita and just top it with whatever veggies or cheese you want. I opted for the simple version with just peppers, onion and monterey jack cheese while the hubby made his with peppers, onions, jalopenos, veggie bacon and swiss. Then the pizza pie goes in the oven for a few minutes until it gets to your desired crispness and voila! Pita Pizza!

I usually don’t like most pizza around here because of how doughy the crust is, or the obsessive amount of tomato sauce that’s used.  I’m a thin, crunchy crust kinda gal and this was perfect! The pita makes an excellent crispy pizza crust, it wasn’t swimming in tomato sauce and the addition of the fresh veggies that aren’t broiled into submission made it superb.  Good job husband!

Next time: sweet potato cakes w/ fresh green beans


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