stroganoff (cooking project – day 8)


I’m back in the game people!  After three disastrous meals, I’ve finally pulled something off!

My husband was out of town this weekend and when he’s out of the house I like to use that as an opportunity to eat things I couldn’t normally cook when he’s home.  Usually, this means lots and lots of mushrooms. Oh, how I love those little fungi.  While out shopping this afternoon, a thought popped into my head and immediately made my mouth water – stroganoff!  The thought wouldn’t leave my brain after that and I knew my stomach wouldn’t be satisfied until I had some.

I used to love my mother’s stroganoff (or stroganov), but since I cut red meat out of my diet a few years ago, I wasn’t sure how to make it.  While searching my pantry to see what I could use, I saw tucked in a corner a little cookbook my aunt bought me years ago entitled The Classic 1000 Beginners’ Recipes (thanks Mary!).  I opened it up and voila! In the ‘vegetarian dishes’ section they had a recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff! Seemed simple enough and after a quick trip to the store, pouring a glass of wine and turning on my Otis Redding Pandora station, I was ready to get cookin’!

Tip: I use an egg slicer to slice my mushrooms (makes the job so much easier).  Just be a littlegentle with it if it seems stuck – I’ve broken one before.

The first five ingredients are five of my favorite things – butter, onion, garlic, mushrooms and wine (I think this book and I are going to be great friends).  First you cook the onion in the butter and then add in the garlic, mushrooms and wine. You cook it for 30 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked.  It’s going to look like you have too many mushrooms at first, but they’ll cook down after a while.  And aw lawd does it smell good!

After the mushrooms are cooked you add some cream (the recipe calls for ‘single cream’ but I just got half-n-half…which might be the same thing) and some cornstarch to thicken it up.  Then you just add some lemon juice to give it that awesome sour flavor and some salt, pepper and fresh parsley and you’re done!

Growing up I always had stroganoff over egg noodles but I thought I’d try it over some rice tonight.  Out of personal preference, I might add some more lemon juice next time, or even vinegar, but all in all it was delicious and I cleaned my plate for the first time in a while. The recipe also made enough for me to save two more dinner portions and a good amount of the sauce to freeze for next time the hubby is out of town.  Since this dish only had to satisfy me and me alone, it gets an “A”.


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