vegetables paprikash (cooking project – day 10)


Woohoo! 10 days!

Tonight’s dish was vegetables paprikash from 1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes. I’m starting to regain my faith in this cook-book.  I’ll give the editors (Sue Spitler and Linda Yoakam) the benefit of the doubt and blame the last few disasters on personal taste, bad planning or poor celestial alignment. You pick.

This recipe was fairly simple (only two pots!) and most time was spent chopping vegetables.  It all gets thrown into a wok and then you stir-fry the veggies in a little oil.  Add the spices, flour, and broth and then after a few minutes add some sour cream to keep the sauce creamy.  All the while cook the egg noodles on another eye.  Once both are done, cover the noodles with the veggie/sauce mixture and serve.

Usually cooked sour cream weirds me out but you couldn’t really tell it was in this sauce. The saucy vegetables over the noodles made some great comfort food.   I could’ve done without the carrots but that’s a matter of personal preference. The hubby’s only critique was that he wants it spicier.  I wonder what it would be like with some curry?  This recipe gets a B. Not spectacular but perhaps with some more spice it could be better.

Tomorrow: Morrocan stuffed squash with cous cous (1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes)


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