chili sin carne (cooking project – day 12)


Tonight’s meal was chili sin carne from 1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes. Get it? Instead of “con carne/with meat” it’s “sin carne/no meat”. Cute.

This was very simple and very similar to vegetarian chili I’ve made in the past. Basically you just chop up whatever veggies you want, in this case I used green peppers and onion, and then throw that into a large sauce pot with some garlic and oil to sautée a bit before adding the rest of the ingredients.  After about 5 minutes, add some canned diced tomatoes with juice, tomato paste, kidney beans, vegetarian meat crumbles, and maybe a little beer for flavor.  Don’t forget the chili powder, cumin and some oregeno. Bring to a boil, reduce to low heat and simmer for at least a half hour. 

I served this over rice with some cheese and sour cream but it would probably be fine by itself.  I think for next time, instead of the vegetarian meat crumbles I might just add some black beans.  The crumbles really aren’t necessary unless you miss that ground beef texture.  They soak up whatever flavor you put them in so don’t worry about them tasting weird. The chili was a little watery so next time I might drain the cans of diced tomatoes since you get liquid from the beer/water.

I think after this comfort food my husband has forgiven me for the squash experiment last night.  He had two large servings and then collapsed on the couch in a state of food-induced paralysis so I guess that means it was pretty good.  The chili gets a B+.


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