I miss you Breyer’s


My husband and I love Breyer’s Fruit on the Bottom yogurts so much that we have switched grocery stores on multiple occasions when they stopped selling it. Although it’s not the ‘lightest’ of the yogurts, the ingredients are all natural and they don’t taste like a cup full of sugar. They have become a daily breakfast staple in my house – where digestive health is very important. A couple weeks ago I got a little worried when there were only a couple of these delicious little cups left on the shelf at our new, adopted grocery store with a “manager’s special” price tag on them. Then I was distraught when I went back the following week and they had removed the Breyer’s place savers all together!

Rather than complain to management, I emailed Breyer’s headquarters to ask them for a list of stores in my area where I could get these tasty necessities. They responded and told me that they had lost their licensing for this particular product and therefore are selling them in limited supply throughout the country.  They suggested in the mean time I could try their new Breyer’s Yo Crunch with flavors like Oreos, Butterfinger, or Snickers.  Really?  Rather than have my fruit filled, digestion soothing yogurt, you suggest that I try some candy-filled concoction that was developed to make unhealthy people pretend they’re being healthy?  I think you’re going the wrong way, my friend.

Now, here I am eating my last cup of Black Cherry Breyer’s Fruit on the Bottom yogurt, wishing things would go back to normal.  Please leave my vanilla ice cream alone.

UPDATE: I received a letter from Breyer’s thanking me for my feedback. They included two coupons for Breyer’s Yo Crunch.


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