Howdy strangers


Damn time flies. 

So, we had a baby. He was a wopping 8 1/2 pounds and it wasn’t easy getting him here. I had a bit of recovery time to go through and although I’m still not 100%, I’m much better than I was.  And I have a perfectly healthy, beautiful son to show for it. I loved being home with him but unfortunately one must return to real living.  Here I am, one week back at work, paying for the childcare that I wish I could stay home and provide.  At least we are the first people he sees when he gets up smiling in the morning and the last ones to say goodnight to him.  And we have the weekends to get in tons of cuddle time.

I’m still cooking up a storm, but I use E-Mealz mostly, since I don’t have a lot of time for meal planning.  I’ve been using them for at least six months now and have been very pleased with their variety and simplicity.

I hope to start blogging regularly again.  Stay tuned…


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