holiday crafts


For years my family has made clove-oranges and I thought it was just a cooky thing we did out of tradition.  I had no idea until recently that this craft was done all over the world or what it was even called

Pomanders are super easy to make, they’re pretty to look at, and they smell delicious.

At least one orange
Whole cloves
Bamboo skewer (or other small impaling device)

1. Tie the ribbon around the orange in a criss-cross fashion so you can insert the cloves between the ribbons.
2. Between the ribbons, poke holes into the orange with the bamboo skewer.
3. Insert cloves in the holes.
4. Hang from a ceiling fan, door frame or lay on a table and enjoy.

I’ve heard that you can let these dry out and keep for a while, but I’ve never kept mine past the holidays. Once it starts to shrink I just slice it, put it in a pot on the stove with some water and let the fragrance fill the house.




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