quick tuna


I’m blogging on behalf of my husband, who made a pretty delicious meal for us tonight – and in a hurry. Once we got home from work, took the dog for a walk and took care of the boy, we had a good hour to make a homemade meal before I had to jump on a work call.

I think my hubby and I differ in cooking styles. I like to follow a recipe pretty closely the first time through before I make any adjustments, where as he likes to throw things together to see what works. Luckily we had some tuna steaks defrosting in the fridge (although it would only take 30 mins. max to thaw in the sink anyway). He looked around the kitchen, taking inventory before he decided on his ingredients for the marinade, and he ultimately decided on mixing orange juice, soy sauce, ginger paste, garlic, salt and pepper. He poured this mixture overtop of the tuna and broiled the fish in the toaster oven, approximately 10-15 minutes (we like ours done more than most).  The sauce congealed a little bit under the broiler and made a sort of glaze over top of the tuna. We served it with some leftover greek rice and peas from a previous meal, and voila! Dinner in 30 minutes. You could really do it all within an hour and just cook the rice while the fish is defrosting.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the yummy tuna – I was suffering from mom-fog. Instead, here’s a picture of my son eating avocado at the park. Don’t let the picture fool you, he loves it.


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