breakfast for dinner


If I were to have my choice of a “last meal”, it would probably be blueberry pancakes.  I’ve always had a special relationship with flapjacks and in my younger days (when I had a much higher metabolism) I was known to frequent pancake houses a lot, sometimes even daily.  It was especially fun to go out for breakfast “after hours” – it almost feels as if you’re doing something forbiden. 

Gone are the days when I can scarf down a Big Daddy Skillet without gaining an ounce.  However, we still serve breakfast for dinner regularly in our house.  It’s a great  meal saver if you’ve forgotten to plan a meal or just want some comfort food.  I don’t exclusively cook pancakes, though. My carb love has since branched out to waffles (thanks to a nifty waffle iron I got as a wedding present) and french toast.  

Recently I came across a recipe for a different kind of french toast that’s baked in the oven and then covered in a blueberry sauce and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make it. Then yesterday I realized that I had accidentally stockpiled three dozen eggs in our fridge and the opportunity presented itself.

Ingredients for French Bread
1 loaf of French bread, cut into cubes
8 eggs
3 cups milk
4 tsp. sugar
3/4 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. vanilla
4 tbsp. melted butter
cinnamon-sugar mix

Ingredients for blueberry sauce
1 1/2 cups blueberries
1 tbsp. butter
3/4 cup maple syrup
dash nutmeg

1. Spray a casserole dish and pack bread in tightly.
2. Beat eggs and then add milk, sugar, salt and vanilla.
3. Pour egg mixture over bread, cover and refridgerate for at least three hours (I let mine soak overnight).
4. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
5. Pour melted butter overtop of bread and sprinkle cinnamon-sugar mix as desired.
6. Bake for 5 – 10 more minutes.
7. Meanwhile, melt 1 tbsp. of butter in a skillet and add blueberries.  Cook for about 3 minutes over medium-low heat. 
8. Add 3/4 cup of syrup to blueberries and some nutmeg.  Bring to a boil and then serve overtop of French Toast.

My husband called this a “French Toast Casserole” and the blueberry sauce was a very nice accompaniment because the tartness of the berries balanced out the sweetness of the syrup.  In my opinion the bread was a little too doughy in spots, so maybe it shouldn’t soak quite as long as I let it. However, everyone else that ate it seemed to love it.  We served this alongside some veggie bacon and a delicious, glutenous breakfast dinner was enjoyed by all.


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