yay me!


Fast forward past the cold from Hell – I finally found the motivation today to get off my arse and engage in some type of exercise.  I’ve been neglecting myself and my house these past few weeks since we have all been sick non-stop.  From a series of colds that got passed around and back again, to ear infections, to infant constipation issues, I was starting to consider buying stock in Kleenex and Pedialax.

I had to break out of what was becoming a “crash on the couch because it’s easier” routine and do something. However, I had to start slow. My abs are sore from coughing and the thought of any cardio activity makes me nauseous. Within an hour or so tonight, I was able to pull off 30 minutes of yoga, clean my bathroom and my bedroom, wash dishes and make a round of baby food (mangoes).

I was a little worried to step on the scale since I’ve been off the wagon lately, but was pleasantly surprised to see my weight hadn’t faltered that much. So far, I have shed 42 lbs. of baby weight and I don’t plan on gaining any of it back!


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