it starts tomorrow


challengeMy vegetarian Lent challenge begins tomorrow.

Today I walked over to a public cafeteria to order lunch and while I was there I perused the menu to check out their meatless options. It’s just a simple lunch counter and I wasn’t expecting much. Turns out my only option would have been a grilled cheese sandwich served with potato chips.  Grilled cheese is a delicious option and I would be happy with it on any given day, but I think I would get tired of it rather quickly if that is the only offering. And I doubt it would help my waistline at all. I have some vegetarians in my family and more often than not they end up ordering a grilled cheese sandwich when we go out.  I have noticed that a lot of restaurants have a practice of “carbing up” the vegetarians as an afterthought. However, I have seen some that have actually tried with their meat-free options and I applaud them for that.

I took my measurements tonight – neck, bicep, thigh, waist, hips and weight. Not because I expect to lose any weight, but because I want to see if and how my body might change. It’s a scientific experiment really. Will positive change lead to more positive change? That is my hypothesis.

I’m not going to post my measurements here because I don’t want to obsess over the numbers. Plus, what if nothing ends up changing? That would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t it? For fun, I did place them in an envelope to open once my challenge is over. And if there are changes, even better!


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