I eat at home, too – day 10



I just realized all of my recent posts have been about dining out and I’d like to point out that I really do cook a lot at home. I was excited to go to the grocery store last night and stock up on lots of yummy vegetables and fruits and not have to go anywhere near the meat section.

Since I was running late we had to come up with something quick which usually means breakfast for dinner. No one can complain about that! I threw together some scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach, buckwheat waffles and a side of fruit. If you like frozen waffles, I highly recommend finding some buckwheat waffles. They actually taste like they’re made from a real product of the earth.

Here’s what’s on our menu for this week:

  • minestrone with grilled cheddar and swiss sandwiches

  • Peurto-Rican inspired beans and rice (family recipe)

  • Stir fried Singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce

  • Cheesy vegetable chowder 

To read more about my Vegetarian Lent Challenge, click here.


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