Friday night grub – day 11



So no sooner than I say I don’t go out to eat that often, I turn around and go out to eat. Oops. When it reaches the end of the week and my husband suggests we take ourselves out, it’s hard for me to resist. This time we went to one of our frequent haunts, The Mill on MacArthur.

We usually go here for brunch because it’s always good and they used to have really good potato pancakes (so sad they’re not making them anymore). We’ve been for dinner a few times and they have a pretty simple menu but with well thought-out dishes and ingredients. I’ve been eyeing their artichoke po boy for a while and decided to go for it this time. Although I think it could’ve used more of the Cajun remoulade sauce, it was a nice balance of fried and fresh. Plus, they have delicious in-house cooked potato chips. Their happy hour specials are pretty good ($2 off draft, house wines and appetizers) and make sure to check out their family style pasta night on Tuesdays.

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