it’s time for me – days 27-30



It’s not unusual for a wife and mom to care for her family before she cares for herself. Taking care of my boys is my top priority and often that means I don’t have a lot of time or energy for me.

I’m trying to carve out more time for myself because I think it’s important to be the best possible version of me for the sake of my family. I let things slip for so long and I got to a point where it was taking a major toll on my mood.  I want and need to feel better because it’s the only thing that’s fair for my son and everyone else I love.

First thing on the agenda was to get everything that might be ‘wrong’ checked out and fixed. This involved getting a physical and checking my levels, going for an eye exam and treating myself to a much-needed massage. Thankfully my health is excellent with the exception of a Vitamin D deficiency (who doesn’t have that, honestly?) and an odd eye-muscle condition called esophoria. Never heard of it? Me either. I’m just glad to have a reason behind my headaches now, even if it means I need glasses.

The last item on the list may sound frivolous but I injured my shoulders almost four years ago and never got them dealt with. Constantly lifting a 35+ lb. two year old doesn’t help things either. My friend, who works at a massage clinic, has been on me for a while to get it taken care of and coined the affectionate term “action-figure shoulders” to describe them.

Now that I have some long un-answered questions answered and I’m feeling a bit more relaxed, I’m ready to do more ‘me’ things. I’m hoping that involves more time put aside for yoga, pilates, hobbies, friends, and lots of date-nights.

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