oops – days 23-26


Who knew Panera’s broccoli and cheddar soup was made with chicken broth? I didn’t. I ran out to grab a quick lunch yesterday and I thought I’d be safe with the soup and a Greek salad.  I didn’t find out until later when a friend pointed out that the soup used a chicken base. Doh! A little internet research and sho’nuff.  In case you’re wondering, their only true vegetarian soups are black bean, creamy tomato, and garden vegetable. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised – of course it’s going to have a broth base. I just naively assumed it would be vegetable. It goes to show that if you want to be truly meat free you need to do your research before you order something off a menu.

I included a poll in my last post asking if fish should be considered meat. So far most of you think that is so I guess I’ll consider this my second slip. Despite these minor missteps, I still feel accomplished. I’ve been meat free for almost 30 days and I’m feeling good. This might be all in my head but I swear my skin looks better and my pores are smaller. I think I’ve lost a little weight, too but I haven’t taken any official measurements so I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

There’s something empowering about feeling in charge of what you’re body is consuming.

To read more about my Vegetarian Lent Challenge, click here.









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