The first day


The first day was pretty uneventful. Like I said, it’s not a huge stretch for me to have a meat-free day. I think it will get more interesting when I’m put in social situations where I’m not in control of what’s being served. And when we go to restaurants since that’s where I tend to give into my cravings the most.

I am going to a work conference on Friday and when I registered for the event I noted my dietary restriction as ‘vegetarian’ which made me feel a little special. I’m anticipating my table-mates to ask me if I’m a vegetarian and if so how long I’ve been one and how I get my protein, etc. I know because I’ve witnessed it happen to other vegetarians numerous times. I wonder if I would get funny looks if I asked someone how long they’ve been eating bacon?

One thing I did notice tonight was my lowered anxiety over preparing dinner. Without even realizing it I had become stressed out about cooking meat filled dishes. You have to plan defrosting time, buy the right cuts, make sure  you cook everything perfectly so you don’t kill someone, use different cutting boards, on and on and on.

nachosThis is what I ate today:

  • dry cereal for breakfast
  • granola mix for snack
  • chick pea and spinach stew over cous cous, pita and grapes for lunch
  • sesame sticks for snack
  • more sesame sticks
  • nachos and charred peppers for dinner
  • a half an orange and two lemon cookies for dessert (Girl Scout cookie season!)
  • a glass of red wine to top off the evening

Not the most balanced diet but I’m easing into it.

To read more about my Vegetarian Lent Challenge, click here.


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