I cheated a little – days 17-22


20140325-141617.jpgThe hubby and I went on a much needed adults-only getaway this past weekend with some friends to Virginia Beach. We had a great time and got some much needed rest and relaxation. The weather was spectacular. The ocean was beautiful, calming and right outside our balcony.

I went into the weekend wondering if I could keep up with my challenge given the extra complication of traveling. I told myself I could cheat a little bit when we went out for a fancy dinner – it seemed pointless to me to go all the way to the beach and not have a little seafood. A waste of a trip, really.

On the way down we had to stop to find lunch and quickly realized there really wasn’t anywhere I could go. Popeyes? No. Arby’s? Nope. Bojangles? well, maybe an egg biscuit. We pulled into the WaWa to get some gas and some road snacks. To my surprise they had a couple of prepared options I could eat and I ended up with a container of roasted red pepper hummus and mini pita rounds. It wasn’t the best hummus I’ve ever had but it was good enough.

We saved our big fancy dinner out for Saturday night and ended up at a sushi place close to the beach, in walking distance of our hotel. Oh boy did we get sushi. We ordered anything that sounded good and it was all so delicious. I did eat some tuna, salmon and shrimp which I consider cheating. But I have had several people tell me they don’t consider fish or seafood as meat. I’m learning that vegetarianism is all a matter of opinion. What do you think?

Bacon is definitely meat and I was tempted with it a couple times this weekend. It was even served on my breakfast plate when we went out on Sunday morning but I grudgingly moved it onto my husband’s plate despite it’s delicious, beckoning smell. Now THAT was a challenge!

To read more about my Vegetarian Lent Challenge, click here.



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